What is Vape Shop Insurance?

The biggest misconception that Vape Shop owners have is that they are not liable for the products they sell. The idea makes sense. However, it is far from the truth. In fact, a retailer is 100% liable for the products they sell.

A well known case against Cuttwood includes the retailer. What makes this case more interesting is that there was no physical injury. The plaintiffs alleged that their rights as consumers were violated.

Vape shop insurance will provide coverage not only for consumer rights violations but also for the physical injury caused by the products you sell. You just have to be sure that your policy has Products/Completed Operations coverage. This coverage is also know as Product Liability Insurance.

Other important coverage for a Vape Shop is inventory coverage. Most insurers limit the amount of coverage you can receive in the event of a claim. This is not the case with us, but if you have coverage elsewhere it’s a good idea to check your policy. Look for a Theft exclusion or a Sub-limit.

We are happy to review your policy at no-cost to you. You can upload your insurance policy documents here for review. You can also give us a call at (877) 678-0201 or obtain an online vape shop insurance quote.