Understanding General Liability Vape Shop Insurance

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One of the first thing business owners concern themselves with when embarking upon their venture is insurance. It is a given by now that businesses must have a general liability insurance policy in order to properly cover for bodily injuries and property damage that occurs within the establishment. It is important that businesses find an insurance policy that not only offers a standardized coverage plan but that it also understands the ins and outs of the specific trade in question and adapts to the needs of the insured party. That is why, if you are in the vape shop business, you should find an insurance plan that offers general liability vape shop insurance for you as the retailer. This way you can make sure that the policy in question will comfortably fit your line of work.

General Liability Vape Insurance

When you purchase vape shop insurance, you are protecting your business from the risks of liabilities brought forth by any claims or lawsuits that fall under the implemented policy. This way, if a specific type of accident or incident occurs within your establishment or because of it, you yourself are not at risk of having to cover possible costs that might come from it (depending, of course, on the purchased policy). Some of the situations covered by our insurance policy are the following.

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Product Liability Insurance

Vape shops are liable for all of the vape products that they sell even if they are not the manufacturers. Product liability insurance allows for your insurance policy to cover the stipulated cost and effort of the ensuing legal process so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the monetary and legal consequences while you operate your business. If you just obtain a generic product liability policy instead of one specific to the vape shop trade, you might end up falling victim to the nuances of the business that are not taken into account by non-specialized insurers.  For example, a Health Hazard exclusion is standard on a “vape shop” classification with insurers which do not specialize in vape (not the case with the policies sold by CALCO with Product Liability).

Slip and Fall Accidents

A classic instance of business liability insurance, slip and fall accidents can become potential hassles for the establishment. Without the appropriate policy, the business owner might end up having to be financially responsible for an arduous legal procedure and financial burden. Bodily injury caused by slip and fall accidents should be covered by any good vape shop insurance policy even if the Product Liability is specifically excluded.


Burglary or theft of your merchandise, property, or other goods should be covered by your vape shop insurance policy. Depending on the stipulations in the specific plan you have, the insurer will cover the monetary value (replacement cost) of the stolen property.  You will be required to maintain a centrally monitored alarm system. 

Obtain Vape Shop Insurance

CalcoVapeInsurance.com by Calco Commercial Insurance has been providing viable insurance solutions to the vaping industry for over a decade. Having pioneered vape shop insurance design and coverage, Calco can provide the right insurance policy for your vape shop, making sure the specifics of your trade are acknowledged and implemented into your coverage. Call us at (877) 678-0201 if you have any questions in regards to our vape shop insurance plans.