e-cig insurance

E Cig Insurance: Standing Up for those in the E-cigarette Industry

This is a rough time for the e-cigarette industry. Sure, sales are doing well. More people than ever are enjoying e-cigarettes, discovering new flavors and methods that appeal to them. This safer alternative to smoking is really taking off, meshing organically into the fabric of everyday American life. However, there are forces at work that…

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vape insurance

As Flavored Vaping Prohibition Seemingly Nears, Vape Insurance is Important

At Calco, we do more than just offer vape insurance. We’ve also lobbied Congress on behalf of vape and e-cigarette products, manufacturers, and enthusiasts. There was always an undercurrent of people who were looking to ban these products, whether they were funded by Big Tobacco or not. Recently, efforts to ban flavored vaping products have…

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Vape insurance company

A Vape Insurance Company that Covers LG Batteries

After mechanical vape mods were introduced to the market a new problem emerged.  It was something that no one expected, except, those with advanced knowledge of batteries.  Most notably, the 18650 batteries started venting in people’s pockets. The would vent due to an electrical short from improper storage.  Loose change and keys or other metal…

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vape insurance protecting your batteries protecting yourself

Vape Insurance: Protecting Your Batteries, Protecting Yourself

Vape batteries may be batteries, but they aren’t like any Energizer or Duracell AAA that you buy at the grocery store. These are genuinely potent cells, each of which has to be handled with the greatest of care. At our vape insurance brokerage, we strongly believe that e-cigarette battery manufacturers should be allowed to upgrade…

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necessity of vape insurance

Legal Threats Show the Necessity of Vape Insurance

When most people get into the vape industry, one of the last things they think about is insurance. At first glance, for many, the necessity of vape insurance can seem unimportant. However, as vaping, e-cigarettes and e-liquids are often in legal crosshairs, insurance can protect you and your business in a variety of ways. Many states…

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Vape CA Proposition 65

Many vape companies have been fined for failing to place the Vape CA proposition 65 warning on their products. 168 enforcement actions were brought on by private plaintiffs (meaning an individual) claiming that their CA consumer protection laws were violated. In a nutshell everything causes cancer and reproductive harm according to the state of California….

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Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance for Vapes & Batteries

Misuse, lack of instructions and warnings, awareness, and education, are all factors behind the injuries caused by exploding batteries. When batteries come into contact with conductive materials such as loose change or keys, they will short, causing an explosion. If you sell batteries or any other vape (e-cigarette) products, this places you in the chain…

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Insured or uninsured question and pen to check box to answer if

Claims Made & Reported Policy Explained

A Claims Made & Reported policy is often misunderstood. I am providing a layman’s explanation to assist you in understanding your policy. This is the only type of policy form available to your industry which doesn’t exclude Health Hazard Claims. We work with insurers which may, from time to time offer an “Occurrence Form”. However,…

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JUUL Lawsuit

BRADLEY COLGATE, et al., Plaintiffs, v. JUUL LABS, INC., Defendant. Case No. 18-cv-02499-WHO. United States District Court, N.D. California. Original article can be found juullabs.com and www.juulvapor.com. Id. ¶ 123. Customers may purchase the ENDS or pods from JUUL’s websites. Id. ¶ 124. Plaintiffs allege that although JUUL represents that it uses state-of-the-art age verification…

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