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Why Product Liability Insurance is important?

  • VAPE SHOPS: liable for all the vape products which you sell, even if did not manufacture them.
  • IMPORTERS: liable for all the vape products which you import, this includes any private labeled or branded products.
  • E-LIQUID: liable for your brand regardless if you manufactured the e-liquid or it was manufactured for you.
  • DEVICES: liable for your brand regardless if you manufactured the device or it was manufactured for you or private labeled

Here is a real life example:

Jennifer Ries, a plaintiff who was injured by an exploding e-cigarette received a judgment (click on the link and scroll down to pg. 3) in her favor in the amount of $1,900,000 for her injuries. The Strict Liability Law holds all the parties in the chain of commerce liable.

The liable parties where:

  • Tobacco Expo – the vape shop where she purchased the device from
  • Cartons 2 Go – the distributor of the exploding e-cigarette
  • VapCigs – the manufacturer of the electronic cigarette

In this case we assume that the final judgement was divided as follows:

  • Tobacco Expo 25%
  • Cartons 2 Go 25%
  • VapCigs 50%

Important note: the judgement does not include any defense costs incurred by the three defendants.

The importance of vape product liability insurance is not only the protection it provides. It also allows you to continue to focus and operate your business while your claim is being handled. The average time to settle a vape claim is two years. Without vape insurance you would be liable to pay for the defense during this time period or focus on growing your business.

Securing a vape insurance policy from a non-specialist broker or company may result in large damages being awarded at jury trials. As it did the aforementioned case. Our vape insurance claims handlers are the most experienced in the world, handling over fifty insurance claims just in the last 3 years.

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