Obtain Vapor Business Insurance Before Opening Your Shop

vapor business insurance

A vapor business insurance will assist you in marketing and protecting your business that sells vaping supplies and products. Because of the popularity of vaping, many entrepreneurs are opening vape shops here and there.

Is Vaping Safer than Tobacco Cigarette?

The verdict is still out as regards to the health effects of vaping. However, is evidence that vapor is significantly lower in risk vs tobacco.  Vaping has shown to reduce the amount to traditional cigarettes smokers consume.

How Legal It Is to Open a Vape Shop?

As an aspiring vape shop owner, it can be a great challenge to obtain a business license.  There are many hurdles such as securing a product liability insurance policy because traditional insurers still see vape as a tobacco product.

When it comes to business insurance, some vape shop owners are indecisive to obtain vapor business insurance.

However, in this niche, vape insurance is vital. Keep in mind that many e-cigs utilize rechargeable batteries with varying wattage and voltage controls.

The misuse of the batteries can cause serious injury by way of burns.  The most common issue is a battery venting in one’s pocket.

vapor business insurance

Insurance Can Protect

Vapor business insurance protects the business in various ways. If customers sustained an injury for using your vaping device, they could file a suit against your business. If you are in the chain of commerce you are liable for the products that you sell.

With the right coverage, you could protect your business. You can rest easy knowing that your business is protected.

We offer Calco vape insurance. The coverage includes electronic cigarette, e-liquid, and personal vaporizer, as well as vape store industries. We have improved our policy wording for our clients’ advantage.  Our policy exempts vape e-liquids, devices, and components thereof from the tobacco exclusion which states that any claim related to a health injury is excluded from coverage. This is the CALCO Advantage Policy.

We can meet vendor contracts and requirements no matter what the premium volume or product type.

Even if the ecigarettes you sell are manufactured in China, your business will still be eligible for coverage.

We offer Commercial General Liability, which includes personal injury, product liability and tenant liability, among others. Extra coverage will include product withdrawal and business personal property. You may contact us today if you need certain coverage that we have not discussed here.

As a vapor shop owner, you are likely to face legal threats. The e-cig insurance coverage we offer will not stop people from filing a lawsuit against you.

But the coverage will protect you from defamation or any other legal battles that you may face as the result of selling vaping products.

Why Obtain a Product Liability Insurance?

This type of coverage will defend you against a third-party in case of a loss because of the sale or use of your vaping product.

The strict liability law makes everyone in commerce liable for all the products he/she sells. Although the manufacturer of the product will carry the largest share of the liability in case of a lawsuit, you will have to pay for your defense fees.

To know the kind of vapor business insurance coverage you need, please contact Calco Vape Insurance for a free quote. We offer different types of coverage that will defend your business in case it will face a legal battle. Call us today for more information: (877) 678-0201.