E-Liquid Manufacturers Insurance

American e-liquid companies thrive locally and in global markets. The label “Made in America” is an iconic symbol of trust and quality recognized internationally. While American companies enjoy the benefits they don’t realize that the United States laws allow for foreigners to sue them in U.S. court. How prepared is your company to defend against a lawsuit by a foreigner or even a resident of the United States? Do you have an e-liquid insurance policy in place to defend and indemnify you?

There are numerous of exposures for e-liquid manufactures. These exposures or risks are both known and unknown.

Know Risk: A known risk would be for someone with an underlining heart condition which may be exasperated by inhaling large amounts of nicotine. This is common in people who first make the switch from traditional cigarettes to vape products.

Unknown Risk: Prolonged inhalation of PG, VG, nicotine, and flavoring. Although, nicotine is the lesser of the risk in terms of an unknown. Inhaling flavorings, propolyn glycol, and vegetable glycerin/glycerol by way of vaporization may cause a new set of health problems which are currently unknown. NOTE: we are aware that vaping is 95% or more safer than smoking.

What can you do to protect your E-liquid company?

1. The first step is to secure an e-liquid insurance policy with coverage for Health Hazard claims. CALCO Commercial Insurance is the leader in coverage for the vape industry.

2. Review your label. Failing to list all ingredients, and warnings can make you vulnerable to predatory plaintiffs and attorneys. They can claim that you did not disclose all that you should have disclosed and therefore violated their consumer rights.

3. Social Media and other forms of marketing is product labeling. The FDA has ruled on this matter and considers your social media or other marketing efforts as product labeling. Both pharmaceutical or tobacco product manufacturers have warnings on all of their advertisements.

4. True World Wide Coverage: This endorsement is available and broadens the coverage territory. Ask us about it.

We are professional who will take the guesswork out of selecting the right type of coverage. Working with us is convenient and allows you to focus on your e-liquid business.

CALCO has been providing e-liquid insurance coverage since 2008. Give us a call at (877) 678-0201 or apply for a e-liquid insurance quote online.