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E-Cigs or Electronic Cigarettes

It all started with a disposable cig-a-like as pictured above. In 2008, we insured our very first electronic cigarette company. Some smokers had known about the product at the time. However, due to the average price point of $100 and the low to moderate quality, electronic cigarettes did not gain popularity for a few more years. Underwriters at insurance companies did not know what electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) were at the time. This resulted in the product to be classed as a tobacco product. That classification was a serious problem which needed a solution. The problem was that tobacco products are not insurable from a health hazard stand point. Cancer, heart disease, and any other illness is excluded from coverage if a product is insured as a tobacco product. It is widely known and that they cause disease. At CALCO, we did not see the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product. Within a few years the first electronic cigarette insurance program was born which provided coverage for Health Hazard claims.

Electronic Cigarette Insurance – provide coverage for explosions, burns, health hazards, marketing liability. Coverage restrictions do apply and you should review with your insurance professional to the veracity of the terms and coverages the policy provides.

The veracity of the FDA or the lack thereof has resulted in continued illness and diseases by discouraging smokers not to switch to electronic cigarettes, Finally, in 2017 Scott Gottlieb was appointed as the Commissioner of Food and Drugs at the FDA. As a physician and a former stakeholder of a vape company called “Kure” he has had a different point of view of electronic cigarettes. Unlike his predecessor, he is an advocate for vaping products. He encourages the development of vapor products and the marketing of them to smokers as long as electronic cigarettes are kept away from minors.

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Our licensed and trained insurance professionals are the most experienced in the industry. We were part of the grass roots movement, teaming up with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association many years ago. Our first and now “matured” website is called www.EcigaretteInsurance.com. As you can see by the name we have been in business when vaping products were called electronic cigarettes,

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