E Cig Insurance: Standing Up for those in the E-cigarette Industry

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This is a rough time for the e-cigarette industry. Sure, sales are doing well. More people than ever are enjoying e-cigarettes, discovering new flavors and methods that appeal to them. This safer alternative to smoking is really taking off, meshing organically into the fabric of everyday American life. However, there are forces at work that seek to ban e-cigarettes and related products, regardless of the facts. Our e-cig insurance company is committed to making sure that e-cigarette products come with the right kind of safety instructions, so that more people can enjoy them better.

New York and Michigan Pass Flavored Vaping Bans

As of this writing, two states recently put bans in place on flavored vaping products. Michigan and New York are each banning flavored vaping products. New York, bizarrely, is allowing tobacco and menthol flavors, while giving vendors two weeks to get rid of all of the bottles of e-liquid on their shelves. As you might imagine, that’s a lot of e-liquid. Speaking of 14 days, in Michigan, Governor Whitmer originally said that retailers would have 30 days to remove or sell their products before the ban, but that number has been cut to 14.

e-cig insurance

The Futility of Bans

The problem with these bans is that they never work. Just because something has been banned or made illegal, that doesn’t mean that people will stop getting it. It does mean that they’ll have to find new ways to get it, new ways which are fundamentally more dangerous and less safe. For example, so many of the recent negative stories about vaping products have had to do with unsafe products that were already on the black market. Now, with these bans, it’s like a multi-billion dollar gift to the black market. Now, the products that are safe will be sold alongside the unsafe ones at the black market.

Down with Bans, Up with Knowledge

At Calco Insurance, we’ve long advocated for more information to be given about vaping products. We’ve listed all of the different relevant facts and safety procedures that should be placed alongside vaping products when they’re sold so that more people can use these products in a safer fashion. So many have used vaping as a way to get away from smoking, or turned to vaping instead of traditional smoking, to the improvement of their health and quality of life. These bans undo that work, making everyone less safe.

A Way Forward

The times may seem dark with all of these bans, but Calco Insurance has your back. We’ve stood up for the e-cigarette industry for a long time, and we’re not about to stop now. Our e-cig insurance has helped so many vaping professionals to withstand bad luck and adverse circumstances. Come what may, Calco Insurance will be here. For more information about how we can help you and your business, set up an initial consultation with us by calling (877) 678-0201.