E Cig Insurance Protects Your Business Against Manufacturing Defects

E Cig Insurance

If you are planning to put up an electronic cigarette shop, then make sure that you have an e cig insurance that will protect your business from manufacturing defects. 

E cig or e-cigarettes have grown in popularity significantly since 2008.  It is particularly widespread among individuals who wish to quit smoking a traditional cigarette. 

Unfortunately, e cig devices can be dangerous as they can explode and cause severe injury to users if they are misused or if the manufacturer does not provide clear and conspicuous warnings and safe use instructions. Most of the e cig devices today came from China. It means that you or your insurance company cannot subrogate against them. 

That’s why it is vital to obtain e cigarette insurance.  At Calco Vape Insurance, we offer excellent product liability insurance protection. 

e cig insurance

Potential Injuries 

One of the main causes of injury is when people place a spare rechargeable battery in their pocket.  

It is true that most e cigs use lithium-ion batteries, which are generally safe. However, when placed in a pocket or a purse they may come in contact with loose change and keys causing venting.  As the battery vents it releases gases, flames, and it’s materials. The injuries can be very serious and you will be held liable if you sold it.

Another factor that can cause the e cig to explode and cause injury is extreme heat. If the battery is near a heat source, it could explode or malfunction.

This is why you need to obtain an e cig insurance to help you cover the costs related to liability claims. Without such insurance, you will have to pay out-of-pocket for the legal suits against your company. 

It is true that selling an e cig can be profitable (probably less today with all the new taxes!). However, it could put you and your business into a financially devastating situation if the e cigs that you sell caused injury. 

Product Liability

The product liability that we offer here at Calco Vape Insurance will cover the costs of liability claims that have been filed against your e cig business. 

If your customers sustained an injury after using your vaping device or vape juice, they could file a lawsuit against your company or online shop. 

But with product liability, you could rest easy knowing that the costs of that claim are covered by the insurance. If you wish to know more about our e cig insurance and how it can help your e cig business, talk to our experts today at (877) 678-0201