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e cig insurance program

As vaping is one of the newest, most popular recent trends, as you might imagine, there is quite a bit of vaping news. Unfortunately, much of the recent news is about politicians from all over trying to keep younger people from vaping. This might be one thing if they were cracking down on underage people from vaping, but recent press conferences have made it clear that is not their priority. Our e cig insurance program can be there to help you and your vape business as legislation continues. We lobby from Los Angeles to DC on behalf of the vaping industry.

The BuzzFeed Headline Says it All

“Mitch McConnell is Trying to Stop Teens from Vaping” is the headline of this recent BuzzFeed piece. The Senate Majority Leader will rally support for a bill that will raise the nationwide legal age to both vape and buy tobacco from 18 to 21. That’s what makes it so odd when Senator McConnell says “the health of our children is at stake. That is why I will make enacting this legislation one of my highest priorities.” People that are aged between 18 to 21 may be many things, but at that age, it’s extremely difficult to refer to them as “children.”

e cig insurance program

Bipartisan Legislation

While this particular bill, the “Tobacco-Free Youth Act” is being championed by Senate Majority Leader McConnell, R-Kentucky, it’s a bipartisan bill. The co-sponsor of Tim Kaine, D-Virginia, running mate of Hilary Clinton in 2016. As of this writing, the specifics of the bill have yet to be hammered out. Even then, it would have to pass through both houses as well as receive the President’s signature, so it’s not as if this is something that will happen tomorrow. However, due to the bipartisan nature of the bill, as well as Senator McConnell’s reputation as someone who gets things done, it’s entirely likely that this bill will pass.

E Cig Insurance Come What May

News such as this is frankly why we’re so glad to offer our insurance. Legal threats like these occur practically every day and are seemingly picking up in intensity. One day, it’s an attorney general from a state, the next it’s the Senate Majority Leader. Many in power in this country would curtail the rise of vaping, and they would use the mechanisms of the State to do so. That’s why we’re proud to lobby on behalf of vaping from coast to coast, but particularly in Washington D.C. itself.

What Our E Cig Insurance Program Offers

While our e cig insurance certainly can’t stop the Senate Majority Leader, we can offer you quality insurance very quickly. In just a few clicks you can buy your policy online.  We have discounts for members of the military as well as SFATA, VTA and more. Find out more by heading to our site or calling (877) 225-2699.