E-Cig Insurance for Retailers When an E-Cig Explodes

e-cig insurance

Vaping is safe. As a retailer, are you liable if the e-cigarettes explode? Unfortunately, you are accountable. That’s why it’s in your best interest to opt for e-cig insurance for retailers.

There is no doubt the e-cigarettes are a better way to ingest nicotine. They are safer than the traditional way of smoking. With that in mind, the sales of these devices have improved.

But these electronic cigarettes come without any risk. Some users reported having been injured or burned after their e-cig explored or caught on fire.

There are five main parts of an electronic cigarette. These would include the cartridge, heating element, mouthpiece, battery, and microprocessor. The cartridge contains nicotine and a base, typically propylene glycol.

To use this device, users will inhale on it and draw vapor from the heated liquid. Users must inhale properly to reach high tempt that can mimic a traditional way of smoking.

Currently, there are no codes or laws that protect the safety of the batteries and electronics in this device. Since most e-cigs are manufactured abroad, it is difficult to control their quality.

Manufacturers of e-cigs are liable when their products are defective products that cause injury. E cigs can be defective because of a design defect, inadequate warning, or manufacturing defect.

How E Cig Retailers are Protected?

The E cig insurance covers the costs of injuries that resulted from defective products because of the manufacturers’ fault, instead of sellers. It allows the imposition of tort liability in the marketing chain.

The liability is joint and several. The defendant in commerce is responsible for all damages attributed to the defective product.

e-cig insurance

Manufacturers are Outside the US

Most e cigs are from China. The manufacturers do not operate in the US. Thus, it is difficult to challenge and serve the complaint on the manufacturer.

As a retailer of a faulty e cig, you are still subject to suit. If you are found liable, you need to seek indemnity from the manufacturer.

Thus, it is vital that you opt for an e cig insurance, like strict liability insurance. At CALCO Vape Shop, our policies offer coverage from liability for your shop. It also covers full theft protection without having to deal with large deductibles.

Is E Cig Explosion Common?

It is not common to find e cig exploding. However, if it does happen, the outcome is typically catastrophic.

In fact, some users have died when their e cig exploded. Most of them also suffered from burns, affecting over 80 percent of their body.

E cig explosion happens during charging the device. But some of these incidents arise while the e cigs are in the mouth or pocket of the users.

If the product is proven to be defective, you, as the retailer are held liable. For that reason, it is vital that you secure a form of e cig insurance to protect you and your business from any suits because of defective vaping device.

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