Choosing a Vape Insurance Broker

There are several important factors in choosing an vape insurance broker. The decision you make can make significant difference. Consider how the broker would add value to your business. Below are some tips I would like to share with you when it comes to choosing your insurance broker.

Vape Insurance Tips:

1. Ethics: are the insurance brokers ethics on par with yours and does the broker leave any room for serious doubt and is he/she transparent?

Let’s discuss this for a bit. Have you ever called an insurance broker with some specific questions which you feel he/she should know? Has your broker ever said “don’t worry about it” leaving you with an uneasy feeling? These are red flags. As a rule, if you sense a red flag in the beginning, much worse is expecting you at the end.

2. Stability: with today’s online world many people never step foot in an insurance office, certain vape insurance brokers work from their garage. Check to make sure that your insurance broker has a commercial space which he/she operates from.

3. Relationship: we often choose a relationship based on who we imagine a person to be or who we would want that person to be. This method does not work in our personal lives and will not work in business. In business you must remove the emotion and work strictly based on fact and evidence. This will allow you to maximize the potential of your vape company.

4. Experience: as the old saying goes “experience is not expensive, it’s priceless”. One single word of advice from your vape broker can shift you two degrees in the right or wrong direction

5. Love: does the broker “love” his job/career? If the vape broker is not as in love with writing vape insurance coverage as you are about your vape company then steer clear!