Vape CA Proposition 65

Many vape companies have been fined for failing to place the CA proposition 65 warning on their products. 168 enforcement actions were brought on by private plaintiffs (meaning an individual) claiming that their CA consumer protection laws were violated. In a nutshell everything causes cancer and reproductive harm according to the state of California. For…

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professional vape shop insurance risk management

Vape Shop Insurance & Risk Management

Operating a Vape Shop comes with certain liabilities and risk. Besides the basic exposures of a brick and mortar shop such as fire, theft, and slip and falls. A Vape Shop also has the complex exposure to hazards associated with the inhalation of a chemical mixture of PG, VG, flavoring, and nicotine. Standard Risks: 1….

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Product Liability Insurance for Vapes & Batteries

Misuse, lack of instructions and warnings, awareness, and education, are all factors behind the injuries caused by exploding batteries. When batteries come into contact with conductive materials such as loose change or keys, they will short, causing an explosion. If you sell batteries or any other vape (e-cigarette) products, this places you in the chain…

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E-Liquid Insurance

Do you manufacture or mix e-liquids at your shop or a designated facility? If you do, then you are probably aware of the FDA requirements to maintain MSDS sheets and nicotine warnings. If you sell in California, you are also required to add the CA Prop 65 Warning. What else can you do to protect…

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Vape Shop Insurance

The biggest misconception that Vape Shop owners have is that they are not liable for the products they sell. The idea makes sense. However, it is far from the truth. In fact, a retailer is 100% liable for the products they sell. A well known case against Cuttwood includes the retailer. What makes this case…

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Choosing a Vape Insurance Broker

There are several important factors in choosing an vape insurance broker. The decision you make can make significant difference. Consider how the broker would add value to your business. Below are some tips I would like to share with you when it comes to choosing your insurance broker. Vape Insurance Tips: 1. Ethics: are the…

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E-Liquid Manufacturers Insurance

American e-liquid companies thrive locally and in global markets. The label “Made in America” is an iconic symbol of trust and quality recognized internationally. While American companies enjoy the benefits they don’t realize that the United States laws allow for foreigners to sue them in U.S. court. How prepared is your company to defend against…

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6 Ways to Get Into the Vape Industry Without Opening Up a Vape Shop

This article is provided by The vape industry has boomed in recent years, with top vape companies experiencing growth of up to more than 1.5 billion users, YouTube is the perfect way to reach a huge audience with your videos on vaping. You can present the latest vaping news, review products or talk about…

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Insured or uninsured question and pen to check box to answer if

Claims Made & Reported Policy Explained

A Claims Made & Reported policy is often misunderstood. I am providing a layman’s explanation to assist you in understanding your policy. This is the only type of policy form available to your industry which doesn’t exclude Health Hazard Claims. We work with insurers which may, from time to time offer an “Occurrence Form”. However,…

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