An E Liquid Insurance In Case of Allergic Reactions

e liquid insurance

An E liquid insurance is vital for your business. It is especially beneficial if some of your customers had an allergic reaction to the e juice you sell.

Vape Juice

E-juice or e-liquid has become popular throughout the world. The vape juice is primarily propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. It is mixed with nicotine and food grade flavorings.

The complete list of ingredients of a vape juice is found in the label. Regardless of the ingredients, some of your customers may develop an allergic reaction. If that happens, you could be held liable for your customers’ legal expenses.

This is where an e liquid insurance comes valuable. Keep in mind that manufacturers are not only liable for this case. Retailers, like you, can also be held accountable if your customers get injured from using your product.

e liquid insurance

Protection for Your Business

It is true that an e cigarette is a perfect alternative to traditional smoking. However, it is not overall safe. That’s why retailers are encouraged to protect their assets against lawsuits.

With an e-liquid coverage, you are protected against claims from your customers. CALCO Vape Insurance is a perfect venue where you can find the right coverage for your business.

We provide a pick and mix approach the lets you purchase the coverage that you need while you save money.

If you need further coverage, you may talk to our customer support team to guide you in picking the perfect insurance specific for your business.

Allergic Reactions to Vape Juice

Although vape allergy rarely happens, it can be experienced to anyone. Typically, the reaction shows up during the first week of vaping. The allergy can be specific to PG.

Some people think that an allergic reaction only happens to first time users. However, it can still arise even to those seasoned vapers.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish whether the signs and symptoms are the results of an allergic reaction or they are symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Although it is rare, your customers might still file a suit against your vape juice. For that reason, it is vital that you obtain coverage for e liquid.

At CALCO Vape Insurance, we offer the most comprehensive coverage for your business. We do not offer gaps in the coverage.

The policies that we provide here are second to none. We will also make sure that you get the most affordable coverage without sacrificing quality.

The policies we present come from global insurance companies. The coverage that we provide is designed for the vape industry. When protecting your business, trust our insurance advantage that offers tried and tested coverage.

Here at Calco, we only offer the highest level of insurance protection. Our insurance will protect your business against any claims related to the e liquid you sell.

The vaping industry is still new despite it being around for many years. There are several lawsuits arising from the use of e liquid or e-cigarette. Protect your business against any lawsuits by getting an e liquid insurance. Call us today to know more about the coverage you need (877) 678-0201.