6 Ways to Get Into the Vape Industry Without Opening Up a Vape Shop

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The vape industry has boomed in recent years, with top vape companies experiencing growth of up to 500 percent annually. However, not everyone with the passion for this industry has the money to start their own vape shop. If this describes you, you’ll be glad to know you don’t have to give up on your business plan. There are several ways to get involved without opening a shop.

Use YouTube to Share Your Knowledge

If you have a lot of information to share, why not get on YouTube? With more than 1.5 billion users, YouTube is the perfect way to reach a huge audience with your videos on vaping. You can present the latest vaping news, review products or talk about anything you think fellow vape fans would be interested in. All you need is an internet connection and a camera or smartphone to make the videos, along with some knowledge of video production and networking. You can look to RiP Trippers, GrimmGreen and Ruby Roo for examples of how you can become a vape industry reviewer or personality and monetize your social influence.

Host Vape Education Nights

Not everyone knows what vaping is, but you can change that fact by getting a vaporizer into their hands so they can experience it themselves. Gather together a group of smokers and educate them on how vaping differs from smoking. Then, sell them the hardware and juice they’ll need to begin vaping. You’ll just need a small collection of hardware and juice to sell, as well as a way to accept credit cards, such as Square. If your skills include networking, public speaking, event planning and education, hosting a vape night should come easily to you.

Plan Vape Tasting Events

Some people know everything they need to know about vaping, but they haven’t played around with many flavors. Well, this is your chance to help them. You can host a vape tasting night where you have multiple juice flavors on hand that you can pair with different foods. As long as you’re good at planning events and have enough hardware and juice flavors, you can’t go wrong with a vape tasting night.

Try Dropshipping

You don’t need a storefront to sell vaping products. You can use the dropshipping method in which you only buy products once someone else makes a purchase from you, so you never need to keep any products in stock. And since you ship directly from the merchant to the buyer, you don’t even have to handle products. Shopify makes dropshipping easy, as does eCigDistributors. To get started, you’ll need a merchant card processing account and about $30 per month to spend on Shopify. You’ll also need about $50 per month to spend on online marketing tools. Of course, product knowledge and some online marketing skills will also serve you well, but you can always come to VapeMentors to get setup assistance from Jesse Plautz.

Sell Vape Accessories Online

Another way to sell products without the costly storefront is to stick to selling accessories online. When you sell actual vape hardware, you need certain business licenses, but that’s not the case with accessories like stickers for box mods, t-shirts and anything else that supports the industry. Just make sure you have a good product selection, a lot of knowledge of the vape industry and an account with eBay or Shopify.

Help Local Vape Shops

Just because you don’t have the investment or time needed to open your own vape shop doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Talk to the owners of local shops to find out if they need help with marketing, improving their website, designing their shop, adding shelves or anything else you’re skilled at. As long as you have some passion, drive and a valuable skill, they’ll likely take you up on the offer. As you decide which of these options would be right for you, you can learn more about business and the vaping industry with a good book. Some of our recommendations include The E-Myth, The $100 Startup, The Lean Startup and Vapreneur.

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